21. Nov, 2017

The “Strong Race” is included in the calendar of activities dedicated to the centenary of Latvia


On 5 May 2018, the “Strong Race”, which is organised in honour of the anniversary of independence of Latvia, will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The event is made even more special by the fact, that next year the “Strong Race” will be organised as one of events in the programme of the centenary of Latvia.

As you know, the centenary of Latvia will be celebrated on 18 November 2018. To celebrate this anniversary with honour and dignity, an extensive range of events and activities is dedicated to the anniversary, involving everyone who calls Latvia his or her home.

During nine years of the “Strong Race”, we have witnessed many thousand participants taking part each year. Thousands of kilometres have been completed and there have been litres of sweat and tears of satisfaction.  Together overcoming hundreds of obstacles through water and mud we have shown the unity, willpower, bravery, energy and obstinacy of our nation, which is so characteristic of Latvians. We can proudly say, that there are many different marathons and running competitions in Latvia, but there is only one “Strong Race”, which is dedicated to anniversary of declaration of independence of Latvia.

This is a patriotic race, where participants can experience unprecedented sense of unity and give a helping hand to other participants. Therefore, awaiting the centenary of Latvia, we invite everyone to participate in the “Strong Race”, giving the race as a present to Latvia.

On 5 May 2018, in total five starts for different distances will be given in the framework of the “Strong Race”, organised at the recreation and sports complex “Zelta Zirgs” in Ķegums. Also new obstacles are prepared in honour of the centenary of Latvia to make the race more exciting. The organisers have also reconsidered the existing throughput of obstacles.

Celebrate the anniversary of independence of Latvia in a different way!