10. Nov, 2017

Registration for the “Strong Race” will start on 19 December


On 19 December 2017, registration will be opened for one of the largest popular sport events – the “Strong Race”, which this year will take place on 5 May at the recreation and sports complex “Zelta Zirgs” in Ķegums and will be dedicated to the centenary of Latvia.

The “Strong Race” is one of the most popular sports events in Latvia. This fact is proved not only by the annually increasing number of participants, but also by the study carried out last year about the favourite active recreation projects. Thanks to uniqueness and patriotic idea of the race, increasingly more people are ready to participate, overcome dozens of obstacles, run through water and mud, thus showing the strength of our nation’s unity, bravery, energy and obstinacy.

In this year, the “Strong Race” returns to the format of previous years, when the start for all distances is given on one day. Still, several other novelties are introduced. On the occasion of the centenary of Latvia not only new obstacles will be made and throughput of the existing obstacles will be improved, but also three various starting groups will be offered. One of them – the “Scout’s Race” – which was introduced for the first time in the previous year. The 5 km distance will be comfortable for everyone, who wants to try own strength in the “Strong Race” and feel the unique atmosphere of the event. The Scout’s Race will have a joint start, so it will be possible to run individually, in pairs or in a team. Participation in this race is officially allowed starting from 16 years of age.

As a novelty we will offer the 5 km “Family Race”, which will be similar to the “Scout’s Race” in terms of location and number of obstacles. The track is easy, the level of difficulty is low, possible mud obstacles, but without deep water reservoirs. The “Family Race” invites to participate families with children, who have reached 12 years of age. Participation in this race will give an opportunity to spend time together in an interesting and unusual way, engaging in sportive activities. Feeling support of family members and satisfaction for accomplished race. Realising, that a united family can accomplish everything. Strong families make a strong country!

In its turn, people with high physical fitness, professional athletes and all those for whom it is important to achieve a good result, or those who want to challenge themselves, will be offered the “Strong Race” 10 km distance. Individual start is planned for women, men and teams.

The track will be prepared by using the specific terrain of the race venue. The track will include hills of various height and motocross track ramps. The race route will involve forest and mire, sand and gravel. Participants will also have to get across water reservoirs, various walls, ditches and other obstacles.
Register for the “Strong Race” for the lowest participation fee for each race until 31 December!

Celebrate the centenary of independence of Latvia in a different way!