There are many different marathons and running competitions in Latvia, but there is only one “Strong Race”, which is organised in honour of anniversary of declaration of independence of Latvia. This race involves not only running, but also elements of various agility and strength disciplines, the participants overcoming several dozen obstacles. A great chance to test one’s strength, physical condition and realise, that participation in this event is great for self-motivation. In this year, the organisers have thought not only about the strong Latvians, who have got used to running of long distances of the “Strong Race”, but also about those, who want to spend their time together with friends and family in an interesting way.

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8. May, 2018

Aizvadīts desmitais “SMScredit.lv Stipro skrējiens”

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10. November, 2017

Registration for the “Strong Race” will start on 19 December

On 19 December 2017, registration will be opened for one of the largest popular sport events – the “Strong Race”, which this year will take place on 5 May at...


Sanda: “Everyone can do it.”

“Strong Race” unites

To celebrate the state anniversary in a different way

The “Strong Race” is, it was and it will be

Strength lies in support and friendship

Kas ir avangards?

Commemorative medals of the “Strong Race”